> Sundries, Towels & Tools

Oh my gosh ~ the best! Luxurious organic cotton towels from Imabari, a small town in Japan where they take their cotton and towel industries very seriously. Woven in gentle low speed with the old fashion weaving machine. This manufacturing process brings out the natural softness of the material and makes them so soft yet durable for everyday use. Beautifully done. You will love these! Enjoy the Flax Line Organics & the Palette Series  ~ we do!

The best sponges ever! Unbleached and contoured for perfect removeal of cleansers, masques, and deep pore cleansers.Imported from a small company in France. Estheticians love them. Clients love them. You will too! 

Everyone's favorite hair towels. Super absorbent. Ultra-soft and lightweight. Microfibers absorb extra moisture quickly and gently for healthy hair. Less blow drying leaving hair shiny. Beautiful!

Revolutionary spa and skin care sponges, mitts and scrubbers. The ultimate exfoliators to care for the skin.The honeycomb materials are non-toxic and recyclable. Naturally antifungal and antibacterial. American made with passion.

urban spa

Welcome to the world of Urban Spa bath essentials. All products are unbleached and sustained through responsible harvesting practices. An eco-friendly line of natural sponges, mitts, brushes and accessories as well as natural bamboo products to gently exfoliate the skin. Wonderful.

body buddy

You know that little place in the middle of your back,  just below your shoulder blades that you can't quite reach with your lotion? Finally, the perfect non- absorbent lotion applicator. Reach every spot! We just love this product.


Simply the best! A ceramic foot file to smooth calluses and rough skin. This professional file really works Designed to be used on WET skin. Your feet will be so soft and smooth.Trust us. One of those must haves!

You will love this file!  A favorite of many. Works fantastic. Removes dead skin and calluses effectively. Designed for DRY skin only. One of the best. Keep those feet smooth and soft ~ instantly!

Larger size net specially made for all the The Skin Care Shop's soaps! Perfect for any bars over 5oz. Saves soaps, fast drying & hangs to prevent soap dish buildup. Use to build up lather for favorite wash cloth, loofah, scrub cloth or may be used on it's own!