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A triple tightening effect & smoothing of the micro-relief of the skin. Deeply repairs, restructures, regenerates & firms. Redefines, smooth wrinkles & fine lines and brightens skin. Pretty amazing!






An anti-aging restorative cream, deeply restructures and regenerates the skin. Skin is repaired from deep within, wrinkles and fine lines are diminshed. Absolutely fabulous!


An amazing formula that calms surface reactive skin immediately. Truly provides relief and comfort as irritations, redness and discomfort are minimized. Reactive skins should have this always for those times of need. Immediate results!


This cream is one used in the facial room daily.  A new generation of calming skin care that actually acts on the tolerance threshold of delicate, extra sensitive skin to make it more tolerant and less easily irritated. Pretty impressive!


A fresh, ultra penetrating, non-sticky GEL texture that instantly melts into your skin. Total freshness whose formulation is based on Cellular Water. Everyday, it offers continuous moisturizing pleasure for up to 8 hours. Pure comfort!


A soft creamy-textured CREAM whose formulation is based on Cellular Water. Provides the ultimate comfort and produces a long-lasting feeling of well-being. Continuous moisturizing pleasure for up to 8 hours. Pure comfort!


This cream feels absolutely amazing! The first cream from the cell level to the skin surface for a triple benefit ~ DENSITY, NUTRITION and RADIANCE. Taking the place of the Cyclo Youth Cream which everyone loved, just better! You will love it. Enjoy! 


A truly effective cream to deeply nourish dehydrated tissues leaving the skin immediately rehydrated, supple, comfortable and smooth. Just truly nourished!


An intense cream for the effective treatment of acne-prone hyper-seborrheic skin. Skin is soothed, purified and decongested. Highly effective!


Evens out the skin's texture, smooths wrinkles and strengthens the skin's tonicity. Rich, creamy and comfortable texture with a velvety finish.


A powerful antioxidant cream with 3% stable vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a role in the skin on three levels - synthesis of collagen, slowing down pigmentation mechanisms and fighting against the harmful effects of free radicals. Impressive! For the best results use in combination with Intensif Vitamin C serum.