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Condition, strengthen and volumize! Developed to volumize and nourish eyelashes by creating a base coat that surrounds even the smallest of lashes adding incredible volume and length, amplifying the mascara's effect. Leaves no build-up, is dye-free and does not contain any fragrance that may irritate your eyes. Fabulous!


Blinc Eyebrow Mousse™ is the original brow innovation that holds and sculpts like a gel, tints hair and fills in sparse areas with water-resistant color, all with a natural look and feel. It contains ingredients that treat the skin beneath the brow that are clinically studied to decrease fine lines 67% after six weeks and increase skin's moisture by 53% after one week. Once applied, it cannot fade, run or smudge. Remove with any gentle makeup remover.


Recently rated as a "beauty breakthrough" by PREVENTION Magazine, blinc offers innovative water resistant, no-smudge eyeliner. Liquid and easily applied this eyeliner forms a water-resistant layer of color that contours to your eyes. Since blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional eyeliners, it doesn't fade, smudge, run or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes. 



Blinc's eyeliner pencil offers surpassed hold while conditioning and treating the skin. Water, smudge, and fade proof that makes it one of the longest wearing pencils ever. Creamy formulation glides on smoothly for clean, crisp lines, but can be smudged or blended for softer or smokey looks. Loaded with antioxidants & vitamins to help firm and condition the skin while you wear it!




If you are looking for a no-hassle, no-smudge mascara that you can take throughout your day with no re-application, blinc mascara is your answer. Instead of painting your lashes like conventional mascaras, blinc mascara forms tiny no-smudge, water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes. Once applied, these mascara tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes ~ all day long!




As with the original blinc mascarablinc's AMPLIFIED mascara coats lashes with a glossy, volumizing and extending coat that forms tiny water resistant "tubes" around the lash. Unlike the original formula, blinc mascara AMPLIFIED applies more like a traditional mascara, giving you the ability to add as many coats as you want to build your desired look! Because it is not as wet of a formula, you can even go back and reapply if needed, after it dries.



THIS IS THE BEST PENCIL SHARPENER ~ and we have tried a lot of them! A compact, double barrel sharpener designed to sharpen regular and jumbo sized eye liner pencils with precision. Features one small and one large opening located side by side.


Jet black volume! The ultimate in lash building volume with a lash primer that will keep mascara looking the blackest black! Developed as a lash treatment and an eyelash enhancer. Provides an incredible base of volume and length. The innovative silicon wand separates and lengths while the balcak lash primer coats lashes. No fumes or fragrances. Fabulous!