Understanding Acne

Understanding Acne
Whether acneic skin is hereditary, stress or hormone related the skin in this condition always has one thing happening - abnormal thickening of the outer layer of the skin. This causes skin cells to accumulate inside follicles instead of exfoliating as normal skin does. The blockage caused by this clumping of dead cells and hardening oil obstructs the hair follicle, preventing the aeration needed. Bacteria present naturally in every follicle is deprived of oxygen to keep bacteria levels in check therefore acne occurs.

Genetics - Hormones - Stress
A genetic condition gives the body the tendency to develop acne. The oiliness of the skin is also genetic. Hormones stimulate sebaceous (oil) glands occurring in both men and women. Excess sebum production contributes to follicle inflammation. Hormone factors can be genetic or can be caused from imbalances during natural cycles and periods of stress. But remember all have the same thing in common - cell and sebum build up.

Solution to a frustrating condition!
A home skin care routine with products ~ treating for results ~ personalized for your skin. Skin must be constantly flushed out of follicular debris to prevent new clogging which successfully prevents new lesions from forming. Ingredients and strength of concentrations suited to your skin's needs are essential for success. 

#1 Skin needs to be treated ongoing. Once the skin is clear from treatment many think skin is cured. Comedones (clogged hair follicles) not visible to the eye are constantly forming inside the lower hair follicles. For every visible pimple or clogged pore there are more forming under the skin's surface.
#2 Professional cleansing, extractions and peels truly help in treatment but constant management with product at home is the single most important factor in acne treatment. Do seek advice for professional skin care and product choices. A home care routine is to have balance between proper hydration and proper use of effective skin care. Proper concentration of active ingredients for your skin's needs are essential for healthy skin.
#3 Certain forms of make-up and skin care can cause or worsen the development of break-outs. Some of these products can actually penetrate the hair follicles, causing the same effect as sebum does from the inside of the follicles.  
#4 BPO (Benzoid Peroxide) is an amazing ingredient to slough and kill bacteria. Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids, Sulfur & Propolis are so helpful. When applying these keratolytic treatments be sure to use every day - to all acne- prone areas just not spot treating. 
#5 Acne Management is a program and staying consistent, every day, is the only way to achieve and maintain clear skin.
FORTUNATELY MOST ACNE DOES USUALLY IMPROVE AROUND THE AGE of 20... naturally. Effective help during acne can insure healthy, clear skin now and in the future.