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This charcoal blended cloth is made with extra cleansing fibers to refresh & revitalize the body. Detoxify and scrub away the daily grime. Charcoal, is believed to have a multitude of beneficial effects. Not only does it absorb odors, but it can remove toxins and excess oil from skin. Ultra fine powder of the charcoal is blended into high-performance polyester fiber and woven together with soft cotton material. This new technology made possible to bring up the Binchotan's absorption power, far infrared rays effect, and anti-odor action into the luxurious body scrub towel. Made in Japan.


Rejuvenate your eyes, mind and soul with charcoal powder. Great for relaxation, meditation, stress relief, sinus pain, airplane travel, sound sleep. This mask helps to relieve fatigue by easing pressure on the eye nerve, promotes blood circulation, and soothe away tension headaches. Fragrance free, soft and very comfortable. A must have!


Restores the natural beauty of skin by purifying, exfoliating, moisturizing, detoxifying, and absorbing impurities. Binchotan Charcoal helps stimulate blood circulation and has anti-bacterial properties. Each bar is milled to perfection and great for all skin types. With daily use, you will truly appreciate the improved radiance, texture, and tone of skin. Made in Japan.