Osmopure Face & Eyes Cleansing Water

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Actions:  A "3in1" cleansing water - eye make-up remover, facial cleanser, and toning lotion! Thoroughly cleanses by creating an emulsion to lift away impurities. Acts in perfect osmosis with the skin while protecting the hydrolipid  surface film. Reduces the risk of skin irritation. Activates the natural defense system thanks to the production of a natural antiseptic that eliminates potentially harmful bacteria. Stimulates beneficial bacteria. Optimizes the cells energy environment and boost their activity.


Results:  The skin is pure and clean, ready to benefit from subsequent skin care products. Fragile, sensitive areas are protected. The skin is free from harmful bacteria and protects itself against external aggressions. Energized skin that functions at top capacity.  


Indications:  All skin types. Busy men and women, frequent travelers (weekend trips, business trips, holidays). Those who like fresh, toning textures.


Instructions for use:  Use daily or for travel. Start by removing make-up from eyes, then the lips, and finally the rest of the face and neck.  Use cotton pads.  Place a cotton pad on each eye and leave on for a few seconds before rubbing gently to remove make-up. For the face and neck, press gently, without rubbing, then wipe.

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